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Overpaid Jerks
2018 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz.
The Super Bowl is set, a coach is fired and replaced, a winning streak is history and many, many, many free throws are missed. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 4th week of 2018.
Oscar Watch
Thoughtful senior pictures..
It is all over but the crying folks, and it is time to predict what we think will be vying for Oscar glory come Tuesday morning as the Academy announces the contenders for the Awards of Merit at the 90th Academy Awards. There are many things that seem locked and loaded, while there are always questions around the edges, and there are always surprises.

Top Chef Colorado Recap
He's no Fatov.
Following in the footsteps of seasons past, the chefs will be making breakfast for Padma and Brooke using one of her (and everyone’s) favorite ingredients: Nutella.
Oscar Watch
Go get 'em, Frances.
A wild weekend in which two of the three main Oscar guilds delivered a split decision for their favorite movies of the year has some Oscar prognosticators scratching their heads.
Weekend Wrap-Up
He learned it all from Vin Diesel.
We swear, there have been new releases in 2018, not that you could tell by the dominance of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
Friday Box Office Analysis
Romantic Hun.
It's Jumanji's world. We're all just living in it.
This Is So Last Week
2018 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz
Movie history, a huge salary, Electric Dreams and new Letterman. Break out your pop culture thinkin' caps, here's our entertainment/ celebrity quiz for the 3rd week of 2018.
Weekend Forecast
He's sad when he's not Thor.
We're into the third weekend of January and the Oscar expansions continue...
Oscar Watch
She's a lady.
We are just one weekend away from knowing which films will receive nominations for a chance to win big at the historic 90th Academy Awards.
Viking Night
Perhaps the only thing harder than becoming James Bond is finding a way to gracefully exit the role when your time is through.
Movie Review: I, Tonya
She will totally cut you. With her shoes.
On the surface of I, Tonya, there is a strong comedy.
Top Chef Colorado Recap
After their camping expedition in the previous episode, all of the chefs are struggling to some degree.
Movie Review: The Post
Don't bother me... I'm thinking.
The Post is an interesting film in that it’s a small tale writ very, very large.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

January 23, 2018
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

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Leonardo DiCaprio
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In the final moments of this film, the main character seems unsure as to whether he embezzled $9.5 million or $2 million more than that.

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Top 5
David Mumpower's
Top 5 Casting Suggestions for BOP: The Movie
  1. Leonard Nimoy as Reagen Sulewski
  2. John Cleese as Tony Kollath
  3. Quentin Tarantino as Jason Dean
  4. Haley Joel Osment as Zach Kolkin
  5. Clark Gregg as Calvin Trager
This Date in Film History

Warner's cartoon Tortoise Wins By a Hare, starring Bugs Bunny and directed by Bob Clampett, is released. Sequel to Tex Avery's Tortoise Beats Hare (1941).


Bob Keeshan, better known to children televsion viewers as Captain Kangaroo, dies at the age of 76.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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