Review: F9
It’s hard to believe, but after eight “Fast & Furious” movies (nine if you count “Hobbs & Shaw”), “F9” is the first entry in this 20-year-old franchise that underwhelmed me and made me wish the movie had flexed more brains than brawn.
July 2021 Forecast
A busy, back-to-business July gets right into action, with the first two sequels and spin-offs premiering on the weekend. And, when sequels and spin-offs comprise a whopping 6 out of the month's 9 big films, that can only mean one thing: the box office is back!

Part One
Part Two

Top Chef: Portland
Top Chef
Three chefs. One more challenge. With the title on the line.
The #1 Movie in America
The shocking thing about “Footloose” is not its box-office results. It did well. The stunning thing is that “Footloose” is a true story.
Top Chef: Portland
Top Chef
And then there were three.
Review: In the Heights
In the Heights
There are several reasons why Lin-Manuel Miranda is so appealing as an artist and entertainer.
Top Chef Recap
Top Chef
This week’s episode kicks off in the aftermath of the emotional elimination of Maria.
#1 Movie in America
Fight Club
Settle down, superfans — this isn’t some retroactive hit on David Fincher’s near-masterpiece.
#1 Movie in America
Fire Down Below
Steven Seagal has never really gone away, either as an actor — he has continued to churn out direct-to-video action snacks — or as a public nuisance.
Top Chef Recap
Top Chef
Our five remaining cheftestants arrive in the Top Chef Kitchen to find Padma standing in front of a huge black box.
June 2021 Forecast
June Forecast
The cinemas are repopulating. Sequels to olden tales of action and horror glory will dominate this June.
Review: A Quiet Place Part II
A Quiet Place Part II
Much like its predecessor, “A Quiet Place Part II” proves satisfying simply by being a solid example of its type.
#1 Movie in America
Zhang Yimou’s dazzling “Hero” was greeted with a glowing reception throughout Asia in late 2002.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

August 4, 2021
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

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