Review: Without Remorses
Without Remorse.
The long arm of the late Tom Clancy, one of the most ubiquitous paperback writers of the 20th century, stretches beyond the grave and continues to infiltrate pop culture.
Review: Things Heard and Seen
Things Heard and Seen.
Whether you’re devout, spiritual or secular, don’t push your luck. If, for example, you discover a century-old family Bible in your suspiciously affordable farmhouse — and, upon investigating further, you discover that the last name on the contained family tree is angrily blacked out, marked with the word “damned” — move.

Movie Review - Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer: Mugen Train
If you're reading this review of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, you're probably already familiar with the Japanese anime series...
Top Chef Recap
Top Chef
With yet more bills to pay, Padma and Dale are here for a second straight product-placement heavy Quickfire.
#1 Movie in America
How, precisely, can you evaluate the success of a film released in 2020?
Review: Stowaway
The trolley problem, a classic thought experiment, has been indirectly rendered on screen in films as divergent as “Sophie’s Choice” and “Dawn of the Dead.”
Review: Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat
“Winning Mortal Kombat cannot be left to chance,” says Raiden (Tadanobu Asano), preparing his stable of fighters for a high-stakes tournament...
Top Chef Recap
Top Chef
What I love about Top Chef is the show’s earnest desire to celebrate the very best chefs in America.
April 2021 Forecast
Mortal Kombat
A lively summer season is coming, weeks away. I can feel it in the cautiously-optimistic air.
Review: In the Earth
In the Earth
You should encounter “In the Earth” with as little preparation as possible.
Review: The Courier
The Courier
Ah, the Cold War: It’s the geopolitical conflict that keeps on giving, as least as far as the movies are concerned.
#1 Movie in America
The moviegoing public was curious about “Apocalypto.” For, like, a minute. After that, the film vanished without a trace.
Top Chef Recap
Top Chef
One chef down, thirteen to go.
The Big Picture
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May 7, 2021
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  1. Christopher Lee (Poor Devil/TV)
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  5. Ray Walston (Damn Yankees!)
This Date in Film History

Gary Cooper, star of High Noon, for which he won one of his two Academy Awards, is born Frank James Cooper in Helena, Montana.


Horror film producer Val Lewton (Cat People, I Walked With A Zombie) is born in the Ukraine.

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