Overpaid Jerks
2018 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz.
A wild weekend in sports saw pitching errors, loads of college football upsets and a further reduction in the undefeateds. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 42nd week of 2018.
Weekend Wrap-Up
Smell ya later, Sparky..
Another weekend, another Oscar hopeful makes its debut, so it must be October. First Man underperforms, however, so Venom and A Star Is Born make it a tight race at the top.

Friday Box Office Analysis
Still gross.
After a record-setting weekend during the first October frame, the two films that finished at the top spot do battle with a few new releases.
This Is So Last Week
2018 Weekly Entertainment, Celebrity and Pop Culture Trivia Quiz
Who won big at the AMAs? Who got nominated for the Rock Hall? Who scored a $15 million payday? Answers to these and other questions in our pop culture recap quiz for the 41st week of 2018.
Weekend Forecast
Style points.
If last weekend was the first major volley in this year's Oscar race, this weekend sees an attempt at a return shot with a great match of pedigree, subject matter and skill.
Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Last night's episode was objectively unpleasant to watch.
Christian and Nick are congratulating themselves over the way the vote went, and they’re blaming Gabby to anyone who will listen.
Movie Review: Colette
From the beginning, it’s pretty clear where “Colette” is going.
September Box Office Recap
September doldrums bring Oscar hopefuls.
5 Ways to Comic Con
We are in the midst of the Fall Comic Con season and I have never been happier, or more broke and stressed.
Overpaid Jerks
2018 Weekly Sports Trivia Quiz
A baseball sweep, a long kick, the Red River Showdown and a fight after the fight. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 41st week of 2018.
Survivor: David vs. Goliath
The conditions have not improved since the cyclones came and went.
Weekend Wrap-Up
It's not part of the MCU, features a relatively minor character and it's not released by Disney, but Venom's opening weekend proves that it's Marvel's world and we're all just living in it.
October 2018 Forecast
Sweet and grungy.
September underwhelmed, maybe, but October is here to even the score.
The Big Picture
Recent & upcoming films, awards and, if we're lucky, home phone numbers

October 18, 2018
Career notes, awards, recent and upcoming movies.

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Paul Newman
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Les Winan's
Top 5 Favorite Acting Performances/Female
  1. Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth)
  2. Kirsten Dunst (The Virgin Suicides)
  3. Laura Linney (The Truman Show)
  4. Annette Bening (American Beauty)
  5. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Traffic)
This Date in Film History

Metro Pictures release Buster Keaton's first feature-length film, The Saphead.


Sid Grauman opens the Egyptian Theatre, the first "movie palace," with the premiere of Douglas Fairbanks' Robin Hood.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018
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